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While spinal adjustments can be done without X-rays, Dr. Jake Schmitz believes they’re a helpful guide to thorough and complete chiropractic care. At Freedom Chiropractic Health Center, Dr. Jake Schmitz, DC, can perform in-office X-rays on both new and established patients. If you’re in the Fargo, North Dakota area, and are looking for a holistic chiropractor, consider Dr. Jake Schmitz. You can even schedule your initial appointment easily online.

X-Ray Q & A

Why are X-rays used in chiropractic care?

X-rays are used for a variety of reasons when it comes to chiropractic care.

If you’re a new patient, Dr. Jake may recommend X-rays of your spine. It not only helps him determine where the spine needs to be adjusted, but it rules out other possible issues for back and spine pain, including tumors or fractures.

If you’re an established patient and not seeing the results you’d like after several weeks of chiropractic care, Dr. Jake may also recommend X-rays to determine if the current course of treatment is the correct one.

Who needs X-rays before receiving chiropractic care?

Depending on your specific circumstances, Dr. Jake may suggest getting an X-ray before engaging in any chiropractic care. He recommends X-rays in the following situations:

  • After a traumatic injury
  • When infection is suspected
  • A significant disease is indicated
  • When the patient is over 65
  • Anyone at risk for osteoporosis

If he suspects spinal instability or you have long-standing pain that's not showing improvement, Dr. Jake may also recommend X-rays to help with diagnostics and treatment planning.

There are certain circumstances when patients shouldn’t have an X-ray done. Because of the risks involved in radiation exposure, women who are pregnant should not have X-rays. Also, children should only have X-rays when they’re medically necessary for diagnosis and treatment (namely: when there’s no improvement after a few weeks of traditional treatments).

What can an X-ray show a chiropractor?

When you have an X-ray done, it shows Dr. Jake several things about your back and spine.

X-rays provide complete pictures of the spine’s layout and exactly where the spine is misaligned. X-rays also reveal scar tissue and arthritis, both of which require different courses of treatment.

X-rays are also needed to diagnose certain conditions, including:

  • Scoliosis
  • Osteoporosis
  • Spinal stenosis
  • Degenerative disc disease

Schedule an appointment online with Dr. Jake today if you need a chiropractor who can take X-rays as needed.